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Ron is the founder of the School for Champions educational and personal development website and the owner of SfC Publishing Co. He is also the author the books Tricks for Good Grades and Gravity and Gravitation.

Ron previously owned Kurtus Technologies, was the Total Quality Manager for the Air Force's Strategic Defense Initiative Programs, taught at three colleges, was an electro-optical engineer and even spent ten years performing and producing comedy shows.

School for Champions

Students and adult learners from all over the world use the material from the School for Champions educational and personal development website. About 400,000 lessons are accessed each month.

Also included in the website are postings of success stories from those using the website material, letters of thanks and appreciation, as well as reader questions and feedback. The School for Champions is also cited as a resource in over 151 published books.

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SfC Publishing

SfC Publishing Co. is the media arm of the School for Champions, producing books, e-books, interactive CDs and audio CDs of material in the school. The most recent published book is Tricks for Good Grades: Strategies to Succeed in School. This book is available through Amazon.com and various other outlets.

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Kurtus Technologies

Ron was in business for himself and through Kurtus Technologies, provided technical writing, website development, ColdFusion programming, project management and electro-optical engineering assistance.

About Ron Kurtus

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