Activities in the 1970s


In 1970, I started working as a Member of the Technical Staff at the Santa Barbara Research Center.


On the side, I wrote a man-in-the-street interview column for the Goleta (CA) Valley Sun newspaper.


I left scientific work at the Santa Barbara Research Center to write a book on the rich and famous in Montecito, California.

Then I tried to get work as a television comedy writer, with little success.

I wrote comedy skits or sketches from 1971 to 1974, with the hope of selling them to the various comedy-variety TV shows or to perhaps get a job with a show as a writer.

Writing Comedy Skits 1971-1974

Humorous Commercials

Humorous Short Stories


Comedy in Milwaukee

In 1974, I moved back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to became a stand-up comedian with my own show 3DTV.

In late 1974, a comedian friend Pete Hefty and I started up the Comedy Showcase at the Rusty Nail in downtown Milwaukee.


Trying to break in Los Angeles

In 1975, after several months of success running that show, as well as performing around town, we moved to Los Angeles to break into comedy performing there.

April 2, 1975, to earn a living, I started selling cars at Hauter Ford in La Canada.

Later got a job selling new cars at Star Lincoln-Mercury in Glendale.

Had comedy showcase across from Universal Studios. Not much success.


January 7, 1976, Quit Star Lincoln-Mercury. Tried to do some comedy. Working on a humorous lecture act, which I gave around town.

March 5, 1976, got a job at Burbank Lincoln-Mercury, which was near where I was living. Giving talks around town.

Got a job at Albertson Oldsmobile in Culver City. Got an apartment on Bevery Glen Blvd.


June 6, 1977, bought a 1970 Oldsmobile. Quit Albertson Olds and drove to back Milwaukee


In 1978, I started the Comedy Showcase at Jack's or Better restaurant in Wauwatosa.

Showcase Flyer 1

Showcase Flyer 2

Did a showcase at Main Event (all black nightclub)

Got our show in Summerfest. Summerfest flyer - PDF <<< maybe change to jpg. Also, find other info.


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Family history

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